Our Background


We engage in the cultivation of agro products of which we oversee vast plantations of several of these agro products and we dont just only cultivate we prepare them for export to different countries across the globe.
Some of these products include but not limited to cashew, cocoa, maize, soyabeans and other agricultural products


At Sunzac Global Investment LTD, we are experts in terms of property acquisition and land sales. We have hectares of land for sale and also help individuals and corporate bodies in selling off their land. We obtain the necessary documents approval from land owners and government in order to proceed with transaction.
We are also giants in the sphere of developing undeveloped properties from original ground breaking level up to when its fit for sale or for commercial and residential purposes


Get to know why you ought to trust us in the aspect of Agro export, import and sales and also in real estate and land development

Our Projects

Import and Export Services

We focus on export of cashew, cocoa, soyabeans, maize, csm seed, charcoal, palm oil and other agricultural products depending on the requirements of the client country. We are always ready to export and import agro products from Nigeria as demanded by clients

Our Projects

Agro Plantation

We have several varying agro plantations under our watch with cashew plantation, yam plantation, soyabeans plantation, palm oil plantation, maize plantation, cocumber plantation, tomato plantation and lots more

Our Projects

Cashew Seedling

With our office and warehouse situated in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, being the best cashew producing area in Nigeria, we have an amazing capacity to supply 10,000 metric tonnes of raw cashew

December Flash Sale Plan


With our vast engagement in different aspect of agro production, livestock farming and real estate management, we have come up with a well planned Investment opportunity for you to be a part of the earnings of our company with Return on Investment ranging between 20% to 50%.
You can either Invest in our Livestock Farming, Cashew Nuts, Cashew Plantation, Pinneaple farm, Real estate services and more this December with amazing returns. Here is a perfect opportunity to join the Agricultural revolution in Nigeria


Here are some breath taking photos of our plantations and projects

Meet the Team

Meet the top team of Sunzac Global Investment LTD


Olaniyan Oluseun

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Ogunniyi Oluwatosin

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Hassan Titilola

Professional Staff Officer (PSO)


Falake Taiwo

Chief Receptionist Officer (CRO)